Second Grade

  •      Second Grade

          Challenge Units



    Students will choose an interesting animal that might be found in a zoo and conduct research about that animal.  Students will makes cages for their animals and keep a zookeeper's log.  Students will make a display board on their animal which will include where the animal lives, what it eats and other interesting facts.  Students will act as zookeepers to share their display boards with their classmates on Zoo Day.


    Game Factory 


    Students will use coins, spinners, dice, and cards to practice predicting outcomes, collecting data, organizing information, and graphing.  They will learn to apply what they know to make decisions about a game factory and test a variety of games for fairness.  Each student will design a game for other students to play.

    Into the Unknown 

    Students will explore the unknowns of algebra as they take a simulated trip under the sea in a submarine. Each phase takes the sub deeper into the ocean, culminating with students building an underwater research station using their new skills. Students will investigate variables, equations, patterns and functions, connect algebra skills with concrete materials through problem solving situations, and display mathematical relationships through symbols, diagrams, tables, and graphs.