Third Grade

  •     Third Grade

        Challenge Units


    Ancestor Adventure 

    Students discuss the country of origin of their ancestors with their family to complete a family tree. In class, students will make a puppet complete with modern & traditional costumes to represent them as they travel. Students will visit the bank to receive their salaries, plan their travel calendars, then visit 6 centers as they prepare for their trips to the country of origin of their ancestors. On "Travel Day", students with make & write postcards, prepare scrapbook pictures that illustrate their journey, sequence their Ancestor Adventure Story chapters, and write a final Travel Journal entry. Students will also draw a fate card on the day of the Welcome Home party to see if they made it home safely.

    Folk Tales

    Students will read and discuss various folk tales and fables from around the world. Students will use maps to identify the countries where the folk tales come from. Students will have the opportunity to pick a favorite folk tale and retell it to their classmates using a storycube as a prop.

    Lost Tribe of Tocowans -   

    Students will search for the imaginary Lost Tribe of the Tocowans in Bahacan while working to increase their speed and accuracy with multiplication & division. Their skills will help them travel toward the site of the missing Indian tribe. The goal is to cross the desert, find the hidden caves, and decipher a pictographic message which tells the story of the Lost Tribe's disappearance. Students receive and collect pictographic clues as they master specific math skills.