Fifth Grade

  •       Fifth Grade

             Challenge Units


    Shopping Spree 

    Students will participate as contestants on a game show while reinforcing their calculator skills, decision making about purchases, and spending game show money.  Students will shop at six different shops.  They will receive various amounts of money for use in making their small or large purchases.  Students maintain a detailed account sheet for each shopping venture, improve his or her estimation skills, figure taxes, and use percentages and discounts.  Contestants may not spend more than their allotted amount. Winners of the total game show receive Grand Prize certificates. Information about making purchases is based on advertisements, catalogs, and restaurant menus.

    See the USA 

    In this unit, students will travel along interstate routes from the west coast to the east coast. Along the way, they will research cities and points of interest. They will then use the information to create various projects for a travel magazine. Students will need to keep track of mileage, expenses, and the cost of gas.