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  • Welcome String Students!  This website contains lots of useful information, including a strings calendar with rehearsal and concert dates, recordings of concert music to help you practice, our elementary instrumental music handbook and fun music links.  If there is something you would like me to include, please let me know.

    Beginner strings first lesson:

    1. Setting up your instrument.

    2. Holding your instrument properly.

    3. Find your D string: Track 2 "Let's Play Open D"

    4. Find your A string: Track 3 "Let's Play Open A"

    5. Flying pizzicato: Track 19 "Rolling Along"

    6. Stationary pizzicato: Track 43 "A Mozart Melody"

    7. Packing up your instrument.

    Welcome, New String Students!  If you missed the enrollment period, please email me using the "contact" tab at the top of this page AND complete the beginner enrollment form on the "my forms" part of this website. 

    Beginner string students receive an in-school small group lesson once a week for 30 minutes and attend an after-school large group rehearsal once a week until 4:05.  Students must be picked up from after-school rehearsal at 4:05.  There is a YMCA child care program at each elementary school available for students who cannot be picked up at 4:05. Y-Care is not an NASD program; it is run by the Greater Valley YMCA Suburban North Branch.  Last year's parent handbook for Y-Care can be found here.  Please contact the YMCA if you desire more information about this child care program.

    If you have financial concerns, your child can still participate in the strings program.  When you sign up using the form on this website, please mark the appropriate option and I will provide you with more information.

    Welcome Back, Returning String Students! There is a big scheduling change this year.  Instead of following the letter day cycle, we will follow a Monday-Friday schedule.  Your lessons and after-school rehearsals will never change days of the week.  See the bottom of this page for Miss Lischner's schedule to see what day you have in-school lessons and after-school rehearsal.

    See the "Calendar" section of this website for lesson and rehearsal start dates.

    3rd year string students received a book order form with their welcome back letter the first day of school. Please return it with payment as soon as possible.  I would like all 3rd year students to begin using this book by the first week of October.  This means it needs to be ordered for delivery before then.  You are welcome to purchase the book from the Internet if that is your preferred mode of shopping.


    Miss Lischner's Schedule
    Monday - Lehigh 4th and 5th Grade Lessons, Lehigh Intermediate After-School Rehearsal
    Tuesday - Lehigh 3rd Grade Lessons, Lehigh Beginner After-School Rehearsal
    Wednesday - Siegfried 5th Grade Lessons
    Thursday - Siegfried 4th Grade Lessons, Siegfried Intermediate After-School Rehearsal
    Friday - Siegfried 3rd Grade Lessons, Siegfried Beginner After-School Rehearsal

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