Health Services

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    The Nurse is available From 8:00 am until 3:41 daily.  All Student injuries/illnesses that occur during the school day will be treated with the standard "first aid" procedure approved by the school physician and School Board.  THE NURSE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR TREATING INJURIES/ILLNESSES THAT OCCUR OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL.  If there is a concern, please contact your private physician as they know your child best.

    Starting  school year 2017/2018, a private dental exam report will be required for children in grades K/original entry to school and 3.

    Please note New Immunization Information

    Plan by State to require for School 2017/2018

    Students who are missing any immunizations will need to have all immunizations completed by the 5th day of school.  If they are not able to be completed, your physician must complete a medical certificate plan and it must be returned to the school or your child will be excluded and will no be able to attend school.