Medication Administration

  • It is the policy of the NASD that all medication should be given at home.  However, if the need arises to have medication given in school the following policy should be followed.

    Prescription medication

    Parents/guardians need to obtain a medication form from the school.  The physician needs to complete the form and the parent/guardian needs to complete the reverse side, sign the form in front of school personnel or notary and return form to the school nurse. 

    All medication must be in original prescription bottle.

    Students who have asthma may keep their inhalers with them as long as the doctor has agreed that this is appropriate.  Inhalers may also be kept in the health room.

    Non Prescription Medication, Tylenol/Advil/Antibiotics less than 10 days

    Obtain short term medication form from school.  Please fill out form and return to school. All medication must be original container.  Medication  CANNOT be brought to school in plastic bags, etc.  Medications that are not in original containers will not be given.

    All medications with the exception of inhalers and epinephrine devices, must be brought to and picked up from school by a parent or adult.  This includes all over the counter medications as well as prescription medication.

    Links to the medication forms can be found on the main district page under the parent tab, health services.

    Please contact the School Nurse with any questions at 610-837-1859.