Course Selection


    Procedure for Course Selection is as follows:

    1. Students have access to view a copy of the Program of Studies Book for scheduling purposes.  (It is available in the file at the bottom of this page.)
    2. Students will schedule classes on-line from 1/07/19 - 1/25/19 3:00 PM (Middle School) & 1/28/19 - 2/8/19 3:00 PM.
    3. 1st year vo-tech students need to complete a vo-tech application and submit this to his/her guidance counselor by 2/28/19.
    4. When students receive their schedule in summer, they are encouraged to review their courses.  Contact the guidance office immediately if any major courses (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) are missing. There will be a 2 day period for changes, by appointment prior to the start of the school year.
    5. For more detailed information please use the file attachment at the bottom of this page.


    ***All attempts will be made to accommodate student course requests.  However, scheduling may not permit all requests made by the student.  Alternative selections from the course selection sheet will be used if an initial course can not be accommodated in the student's schedule.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    If I took a course in the past, i.e. strength and conditioning, Spanish I, can I take it again?

    • No.  Courses that have already been taken and passed have granted you credit.  You can not receive additional credits for the same course.

    Should I schedule high school classes if I'm considering Dual Enrollment?

    • Yes.  We encourage you to select a full high school schedule and select Dual Enrollment.  We will meet with you to discuss the details about Dual Enrollment.  When you receive your college schedule of classes we will need to revise your high school schedule to accommodate the college courses.

    How do I sign up for Dual Enrollment?

    • Current 11th and 10th grade students need to select required high school courses.  Students will need to complete an application for Dual Enrollment and return it to the counselor of record.  Counselors will verify each student's ability to enroll in the program. 

    Can I enroll in Vo-Tech as an incoming 9th grade student?

    • No.  All 9th grade students must attend the high school for a full day in their freshman year.  This assists the student in meeting the requirements that are needed for graduation.  We recommend that all students interested in Vo-Tech schedule this in their Sophomore year.

    How many credits do I need to schedule?

    • Incoming Freshmen are required to schedule 7 credits, Sophomore and Juniors are to schedule 6 in order to meet their graduation requirements. Seniors are required to schedule 5 credits.  

    Will changes be allowed after I hand in my sheet and how do I make them?

    • Yes, changes can be made after your course selection sheet is handed in.  However, course change requests need to be made prior to the announced deadline.  After the deadline a student will need to request a change upon receiving their schedule in the summer.

    Do I have to take Algebra/Literature/Biology Enrichment courses?

    • Yes. These courses will be mandatory based on placement criteria. Placement in these classes is based on multiple criteria including, assessment scores, Keystone scores, grades, and other measures of student performance.

    What are Pre-requisites?

    • A pre-requisite is a course that needs to be taken before you can take another course.  There are different pre-requisites for different courses.  Some require that you take 1 course before you can take another course.  Another is obtaining a certain average in a particular course before you can enroll in a course or having a teacher recommendation to be allowed to take a course.

    Do I need to take a world language?

    • We encourage students to take a minimum of 2 consecutive years of a world language in high school if they intend to pursue a 4 year college degree program.  Some private colleges require 3 consecutive years of a world language.  In some cases it will be very difficult for a student to schedule a world language (vocational technical school students).  In these cases, we encourage you to meet with your counselor to discuss alternatives.




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