Drop and Add Courses

  • Every attempt has been made to accommodate each student's request of courses for their  schedule.  However, there are times when every selection can not be accommodated due to either the number of available sections in a given course or the periods offering those courses conflicting with other chosen selections.  

    Students are strongly encouraged to address schedule changes as per the instructions sent with the schedule.  No schedule change requests will be processed after the deadline date that is listed.  Schedule change requests will be addressed in the order in which the requests were received.

    The following requests for drop/add, to/from a course will be honored (as long as the master schedule can facilitate the change):    

    • Computer or clerical error
    • Period missing from schedule
    • Core subject missing from schedule (Math, Science, English, Social Studies)
    • A course that was made up during summer school
    • Lunch missing from schedule
    • Transfer to a more challenging course
    • Change in Vo-tech as approved by both the vo-tech and home school

    Requests that will not be honored include:

    • Change in teacher
    • lunch (move to another period)
    • PE class
    • Dropping courses for Late Arrival/Early Dismissal Privilege
    • Keystone Enrichment classes 
    • Not meeting a pre-requisite for a course