Financial Aid and Scholarships

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    Financial Aid Process


    How to begin.........

    Note:  Males 18 years of age MUST register with Selective Services in order to receive any aid.  Selective Services Registration


    • Each Student and 1 Parent must obtain his/her own FSA ID#.
    • You must complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to become eligible for federal and state aid, as well as, for college or career school aid that is awarded. 
    • You may start to complete the FAFSA starting on October 1st of your Senior year. You will use your 2017 income tax information when completing the form.  You will then need to submit your updated 2018 tax return information when completed in January - April.  Why October? Completing the form in October will assure timeliness in meeting specific college/university's financial aid office deadlines.


    How do I apply for FAFSA?

    Steps for completing FAFSA on the Web

    1) You will need to obtain an FSA ID # (Pin #) in order to electronically sign your completed application.  (This can be obtained by Seniors anytime starting in August of their Senior year.)  The PIN # is different from your password.  Both the student and one of the parents need a separate FSA #.  To obtain a FSA # log onto or from within the FAFSA website.  The FSA # should be created prior to completing the FAFSA.



    2) When completing the FAFSA, students and parents will need to create a password.  Both parents and students should know the password.  This allows you to save your work where it will remain for 45 days.  This also allows CPS (Central Processing System) to be able to locate your application and retrieve the student's data.

    3) Make sure to complete the Pennsylvania state-based financial aid application on on the Confirmation page of the FAFSA.

    4) Lastly, when applying on the web make sure you SAVE! SUBMIT! and PRINT! when the FAFSA is completed. 

    ***Financial Aid information can be obtained by visiting  

    ***Students and Parents can download electronic versions of publications, videos and infographics to help with the FAFSA process  visit

    *** U.S. Department of education website - explains what you need to know about applying for federal student aid   


    PA Grant Status Notice - If your daughter/son receives this in the mail after completion of the FAFSA, complete this form immediately and return.  It is a mandatory form which may hold up your FAFSA if it is not completed.


    Financial Aid Organizations 


    Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA)

    Pennsylvania State Grant Program - PHEAA provides important information which may assist you in helping your student to apply for the Pennsylvania State Grant Program.  Electronic submission through the provided link will assist first time State Grant applicants to complete the needed data that is not included on the FAFSA. 

    • State Grant Form - access form by visiting 
    • PHEAA Work Study Program - must be eligible for PA State Grant to take advantage of this
    • PA Targeted Industry Program - awards provided for enrollment in Energy, Advanced Material and Manufacturing, and Agriculture and Food Production career areas. (get application in early)


    College/University Financial Aid (Institutional Aid)

    Contact the college/university financial aid office in December (or prior to if accepted into a college) to obtain any specific financial aid paperwork they require.  Find out the deadline dates, as soon as possible, in order to submit paperwork for institutional aid.  ***A lot of financial aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, and the best awards are generally given to the earliest applicants to the college.  Be very aware of deadlines for financial aid from the educational institution!

    If a college requires the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE, this form can be obtained directly from the college or by visiting for  2016-17.

    College financial aid officers at a college/university should be contacted with any questions you may have regarding any "tricky" financial question i.e. investments, TAP program, etc.



    Many thousands of scholarship dollars go unclaimed every year because people do not take the time to research or do not take advantage of scholarship opportunities made available to schools.  Below is a listing of scholarship categories that are available to Northampton Area High School students.


    Miscellaneous Scholarships

    These scholarships are made available to seniors throughout the school year and should be taken advantage of immediately due to deadlines set by the scholarship sponsor.  When the applications are available, they will be posted on Naviance and the weekly guidance update located on the NAHS News and Information message sent to students every week. Our guidance staff is available to assist students locate the scholarships which are personally relevant and aligned with the students interest. The scholarships can be related to a college major, family members work affiliation, or a company sponsored scholarship, etc. just review the scholarship to make sure it applies to you.

    It is always good practice when searching for scholarships to ask family members or friends if the company they work for offers scholarships.  This could be additional money available for you.

    Some of these scholarships can be renewed each year if the student meets certain criteria set forth by the scholarship sponsor.

    **See Naviance for current list of available scholarships.

    Local Scholarships

    These scholarships are available to high school seniors each February.  There is one application and less competition for multiple local scholarships. Listen for the announcements and Schoology and see the Guidance secreatry for an application  All students are encouraged to apply due to the wide variety of scholarships available i.e. 4-year and 2-year colleges and Career/technical Training Schools. They are sponsored by community members and organizations.  Typically around February 1st, scholarship application packets are available to seniors living in our district.  Students should stop in to the guidance office to obtain a packet of scholarships.  The guidance counseling office staff will assist  students to verify which scholarships the applicant is eligible.  The student should complete the information on the application and adhere to the deadlines.  Following all directions is pivotal in being selected for a scholarship.  Some of the applications will require an essay.  Do not allow this to discourage you from applying.

    These scholarships are available for 1 year.

    ***Local Scholarship packets will be available in the guidance office.  Please listen to announcements for dates of availability.

    Scholarship Databases

    This type of scholarship can be "tricky" at times.  However, do not let this discourage you from trying to find additional money.  There are scholarship databases available to students.  (Using these databases should start at the beginning of the students senior year.)  When using a database, a series of questions are asked of each student in order to assist in looking for appropriate scholarships.  The student may be directed to a site that posts the scholarship application immediately or the student may be directed to a web page that asks for additional information i.e. school scholarship code, access code, etc.

    When directed to a page where the application is immediately listed, complete all information and submit the application.  These may require you, at times, to write an essay.  Do not let this discourage you from applying.

    When directed to a page where additional information is required (i.e. special codes, etc.) you will need to complete an additional step. DO NOT FILL OUT THIS PAGE because our school is not given access codes for every scholarship available First, find out the company name that is sponsoring the scholarship.  Second, complete a web-based search for the company and locate the scholarship on the company web-page.  Third, when you have found the company with the scholarship listed, follow the directions for completing the application.  If you have any questions at any time, please stop in to visit your guidance counselor.  Some scholarship databases..........     Scholarships for PA State Employees

    Some of these scholarships can be renewed each year.  Remember to re-apply, follow all directions and adhere to deadlines.

    Institutional Scholarships

    These scholarships are awarded directly by the college.  Check with the college admission and financial aid office for further details about scholarships that are available.  These may need to be renewed each year.    Typically these scholarships require a student to maintain a specific grade point average in order to remain eligible each year.  Very few scholarships are awarded that cover all expenses for every year of college.

    One source for merit scholarships from colleges across the country is: 

    Link below to.....

    Scholarships Offered by Pennsylvania Colleges and Universities



    Loans, Grants and Work Study

    Perkins Loans

    Low interest Federal loan awarded to students with significant need.  $4000 - $20,000 maximum awarded over the course of the college career.

    Stafford Loans

    Low interest federal loan (interest not to exceed 8.25%), awarded to dependent students.  This loan can be subsidized (government pays the interest) or unsubsidized (student pays the interest).  Maximum amounts awarded:  $3500 for freshmen, $4500 for sophomores, and $5500 for juniors and seniors.

    PLUS Loans

    Loans given up to the total cost of attendance minus any additional aid received.  Interest is between 7.9% and 8.5 %.  This is available to any credit-worthy family regardless of need.

    Pell Grants

    Federal government awards "gift" to students with financial need.  This does not need to be re-payed.  Average money awarded is approximately $2400.

    SEOG Grants

    Grants in which the college will match 25% with it's own funds.  This is awarded to students with financial need and the award can range from $100 to $4000.


    Students earn aid (money) by working part-time on or off campus.  This is awarded to students demonstrating need and the average amount of money earned is approximately $1400.

    State Aid

    Each state has its own loan, grant and scholarship program.  Amounts and types of awards vary.  These are mostly for students demonstrating need, however, states have merit programs for academic achievers.  Contact PA Higher Education Assistance Agency  for types of aid available in PA.

    Private Loans

    Banks and credit unions offer their own education loans and amounts vary.  These typically carry higher interest rates than federal and state loans.  This type of aid is available to all credit-worthy families regardless of need.


    Effect of Loan and Tuition Money on Taxes


    Tax Help for Students and Families





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