How do I join?

  • How do I become a member of the Award winning Big N Band?

    It's easy. First follow this link, and fill out the form. After that, keep your ears open to listen for announcements regarding meetings and practices. 

    Do you have a question about high school band? Don't worry, it is completely normal. That is why we created this list of Frequently Asked Questions about high school band. 

    Q: Before my student signs up for band next year (the Course Selection form is due soon), how can I find out what is expected of them (and me)?

    A: My expectations for students are actually very simple, and designed for students to be 100% successful in all aspects of the activity. What I expect students for all of my performing groups is that they attend all practices unless they are absent from school. I also expect that they are ready with all necessary materials (music, working instruments, pencil, and all accessories needed to participate) on time and ready to go at their predetermined meeting place. I also expect that all students will be prepared for practice and participate with 100% of their ability.

    Q: Is Marching Band practice only during school or is it before or after school? Do they practice on weekends?

    A: Marching Band practices two days after school (Tuesday's and Thursday's) from 4:30 - 7:30.

    Q: Since Marching Band takes time after school, how will it affect my child’s academics?

    A: Research shows that it actually ENHANCES success in academics! Students in band tend to score higher on their SATs (Verbal: 20 points, Math: 25 points). In fact, MORE THAN 75% of the Big ‘N’ Marching Band members take Honors and AP courses. Approximately 70% of band seniors graduate with honors. Band students often occupy the top seats with regards to class rank.


    Q: If I don’t play an instrument, can I still join Marching Band?

    A: Absolutely! There are many opportunities to participate in Marching Band. One of the best ways to enhance the overall quality of the show is to be in colorguard. In this section you will not only use flags, you will also use rifles, sabers, as well as dancing. Again, joining Band is one of the best ways to meet lifelong friends.

    Q: To be in Concert Band, do I HAVE to be in the Marching Band?

    A: Not at all! Concert Band and Marching Band are mutually exclusive - you can be in Concert Band and NOT in Marching Band. That being said, the overwhelming majority of students do BOTH in high school. :)

    It's important to know that you MUST be in either Concert or Marching Band to participate in Jazz Ensemble. Or, you could just do all three!

    Q: I am interested in taking part in other activities where there may be conflicts; can I still be in the band?

    A: For sure! Band students also play football, softball, basketball, baseball, swimming, soccer, volleyball, run track and cross country! All coaches and advisors work together in order to come up with a schedule compromise that most benefits the student. If you want to participate but don't know if it will work me!

    Q: Can I be in high school band AND orchestra? Choir?


    With Concert Band, we have had many instances where we "share" me with your specific question and we can try to work something out!

    As for Choir...not an issue at all! A large portion of our high school Concert AND Marching Band members also participate in our outstanding Choral program.

    Q: I feel like I can barely play my instrument while sitting down…how in the world am I supposed to do that marching band stuff?

    A: Great question! My response to this is always “you have got to try it.” Our success rate with students who try their hardest is holding steady at 100%. By being brave and believing in yourself, you will achieve whatever it is that you set out to do. You’ll be amazed at what kind of person is inside of you!

    Ask any current student and they will tell how much of an awesome experience it is!

    Q: I was planning on taking honors/AP classes and I’m afraid of the workload along with the marching band…what should I do?

    A: Many of the students in the band program are enrolled in honors/advanced placement courses and have been since they began their academic careers. While moving on to high school can be a frightening experience due to increased academic pressures, the overwhelming majority of band students develop advanced organizational skills, a strong work ethic, and a drastic increase in academic discipline due to their experiences with our program.

    Our band members are high achieving students who form a strong support structure both academically and emotionally. Think about it…what other group can you join where you’ve immediately made 70 other friends who have all “been there before” and are willing to share their experiences and lend a helping hand?

    Q: I have a REALLY great question but I can’t seem to find it on this paper…what should I do?!?!?

    A: The best question of all! Mr. Sansone would absolutely love to talk to you and your family about the high school band experience. Call Mr. Sansone at 610.262.7812 ext. 11213 OR email

    Thanks, and I look forward to working with all of you in the future!

    James J. Sansone

    Band Director

    Northampton Area High School