Debate Team

  • Debate Results
    Debate 2003 – 2004 (Mr. Bauer’s first year as the Debate Coach)
    Record: 6 – 10
    Resolve:  Music copyright laws and application to online music file sharing
    (S) Kristen Shelley
    (S) Cody Schuler
    (S) Jason Wirth
    (S) Bryan Yeager
    (S) Jesse Scheirer    
    Jess Jones
    Alicia Bryan
    Katrina Grau

    Debate 2004 – 2005
    Resolve:  Stem Cell Research
    Molly Devlin
    Samantha Novak
    Alicia Bryan
    Cliff Castoral
    Lea Checchio
    Ian Killea
    Katrian Grau
    Laura Novick
    Michelle Osztrosits
    Sandy Rybasack
    Tasha Manning

    Debate 2005 – 2006
    Record: 6 – 10
    Resolve:  Intelligent design instruction in public schools
    (S) Oliverio Hernandez
    (S) Matt Hengeveld
    (S) Molly Devlin
    (S) Katrina Grau
    (S) Lara Novick   
    Rachel Sell
    Alyssa VanAuken
    Samantha Novak
    Jen Balliet

    Debate 2007 – 2008
    Record: 10 – 7  (Lost to Parkland in the Semifinals; #2 Seed from Eastern Conference)
    (S) Tina Jaramillo (Playoff Participant) 
    (S) Lara Hein (Playoff Participant) 
    (S) Nadia Grau (Playoff Participant) 
    Evan Fisher
    Steve Serensits
    Andy Longacre
    Andrea Hetrick
    Aubrey Baker
    Bryan Greto
    Kylee Haggerty
    Tara Kleppinger (Playoff Participant) 

    Debate 2008 – 2009
    Record: 13 – 5.  Lost in Semi Finals to Parkland
    Resolve:  The United States Federal Government should support a ban on offshore oil drilling in US Coastal Waters.  
    Team Members:  
    (S) Bryan Greto
    (S) Andrew Longacre
    (S) Andrea Hetrick (Playoff Participant)    
    Tara Kleppinger (Playoff Participant) 
    Steve Serensits (Playoff Participant
    Evan Fisher (Playoff Participant) 
    Alexis Dunbar
    Kylee Haggerty 
    Jeff Garrison
    Katrina Wachter
    John Veiszlemlein

    Debate 2009 - 2010
    Topic: Institutions of higher education should examine any personal or public internet sites to determine the enrollment of prospective students.
    Record: 15 - 3 (Beat Parkland in the Semis, Lost to Emmaus in the Finals: Congratulations on an amazing year!)
    Team Members:
    (S) Kylee Haggerty (Playoff Participant) 
    (S) Nate Stehly
    (S) Rodney Christman
    (S) Carly Athanasatos
    (S) Tara Kleppinger (Playoff Participant) 
    (S) Steve Serensits (Playoff Partipant) 
    (S) Jeff Garrison
    (S) *Richard George
    (S) Trista Barthol
    (S) Alexis Dunbar 
    (S) Katie Kuntzman
    Taylor Kern
    Alexa Harry
    Brandon Weghofer
    John Veiszlemlein
    Katrina Wachter (Playoff Participant) 

    Debate 2010 - 2011
    Topic: The United States Federal Government should enact an open border policy with Mexico and Canada.
    Record: 10 - 7 (Lost to Emmaus in the Semi-Finals)
    Team Members:
    (S) Taylor Kern (Playoff participant)
    (S) Kaitlyn Kuntzman (Playoff participant)
    (S) Daniel Longacre
    (S) William McGee
    (S) Lauren Rice
    (S) Katrina Wachter (Playoff participant)
    (S) Dan James - final Debate
    Kristen Danek
    Emily Fucinato
    Zack Janotka
    Sabrina Murphy 
    Katie Kline
    Branden Weghofer
    John Veiszlemlein (Playoff participant)

    ***Debate 2011 - 2012***
    Topic: The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania should abolish compulsory and public education in favor of voluntary, private education  
    Record: 13 - 9 (Defeated #1 Seed Parkland (19-1) in Semis, Defeated #1 Seed Nazareth (19-2) in Finals)
    ***2011 - 2012 DEBATE CHAMPIONS***
    Team Members: 
    Hannah Boyanoski 
    (S) Kristen Danek
    (S) Paul Eppler (Playoff participant) 
    (S) Brian Ernst
    (S) Emily Fucinato (Playoff participant)
    (S) Zachary Janotka
    Katherine Kline
    AnaMarie Lukaitis
    Marlaina Laubach
    (S) Jaden Makovsky (Playoff Participant) 
    (S) Kenny Russ
    Cristiana Serfass
    Sabrina Steed
    (S) John Veiszlemlein (Playoff Participant) 
    Erica Veiszlemlein 

    Debate 2012 - 2013
    Topic: The United States Federal Government should ban the usage, production, sale, and manufacturing of all tobacco products
    Record: 11 - 9
    (S) Hannah Boyanoski
    (S) Catalina Cavotta
    Evan Chuss
    (S) Alex Garrison
    Ryan Hartzell
    (S) Catherine Kline
    (S) Nicole Kline
    (S) Josh Nierer
    (S) Marly Laubach
    (S) AnaMarie Lukaitis
    Frank Lukaitis
    (S) Cristina Serfass
    Erika Veiszlemlein
    (S) Branden Weghofer
    Travis Weghofer

    Debate 2013 - 2014
    Topic: The United States federal government should substantially increase economic activity with Cuba.  
    Record: 12 - 9 - Lost to Emmaus in the Semi-Finals 

    Debate Team Members: 
    Zach Assenmacher - 12th
    Ryan Hartzel - 12th  
    Vasil Hlinka - 12th 
    Ben Longacre - 12th 
    Jared Schreck - 12th 
    * Ian Wright - 12th 

    Evan Betzenberger - 11th 
    Evan Chuss - 11th 
    * Frank Lukaitis - 11th 
    Hunter Panier - 11th 
    * Erika Veiszlemlein - 11th 
    Travis Weghofer - 11th

    Debate 2014 - 2015 
    Topic:  "The United States Federal Government must significantly increase national security activities regardless of the impact on individual liberties." 
    Record: ***  17 - 6 *** 
    *** Finished first in Eastern Conference.  Defeated Easton (13 - 7) in Quarterfinals; Defeated Emmaus (19-2) in Semi-Finals; Defeated Nazareth (14 - 8) in Finals. ***
    *** First ever EPC Championship at Northampton High School.***  

    Debate Team Members:
    Betzenberger, Evan - 12th   
    * Campbell, Gaelan -12th
    Campbell, Nick - 12th
    Chuss, Evan - 12th
    Kobilja, Boris - 12th 
    * Lukaitis, Frank - 12th
    Panier, Hunter - 12th 
    Smith, Jordan - 12th 
    * Veislemlein, Erika - 12th

    Reph, Melissa - 11th
    Skrapits, Julia - 11th
    Xander, Mikayla - 11th 

    Motyka, Cassandra - 10th
    Horn, Elizabeth - 10th

    * Members of the Finals Team.  

    OVERALL RECORD:  84 - 60
    59% Winning Percentage 
    2011 - 2012 Lehigh Valley Conference (LVC)
    2014 - 2015 Eastern Pennsylvania Conference (EPC)