• Homework: open the first file below -You must scroll down!

    use to get to electronic book:

    username: student3.14

      password : congruent1

    Useful websites:

    online index cards at cramberry

    regents math resource

    What's my grade

                            HW:        (# of HW u completed/ total HWs to date)             * 10 = ?


                            quizzes/tests: ( sum of your pts/total of pts

                                that you could have earned so far)                                       * 90 = ?

         The sum of these 2 values is your grade.

    Quiz retake


    3 step process

    Ø        correct quiz on a separate sheet of paper- I will help you if you need some help. You have 2 days to do this.

    Ø        Hand in; if OK, schedule retake before school, after school, or during a study hall

    Ø        Max score for retake that can be earned is a 90%


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