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  • Syllabus Mathematics Applications

    Course intended for  students who require a broad – based overview of mathematics. It is more geared to the liberal arts student yet the fundamentals of mathematics, the concepts, and the skills covered will prepare students so that they will have the necessary foundation for post secondary mathematic courses they may be required to take.


    Course Description

    The student will extend his or her understanding of mathematical structures and patterns by studying selected topics chosen from problem solving, sets, logic, numeration systems, algebra, systems of equations, geometry, probability and statistics, and consumer mathematics. For each topic studied, the student will be able to explain the basic concepts and apply them to the solution of specific real world problems.


    Algebra 1 and Geometry


    A Survey of Mathematics with Applications by Angel, Abbott, and Runde ©2009. Addison - Wesley Educational Publishers Inc.


    1.    Attend every class.

    2.    Must have a notebook, book, writing utensil and a calculator.

    3.    Read the sections of the textbook corresponding to the material covered in class, this is helpful even if you have been given the notes for the sections.

    4.    Do all classwork problems assigned and hand in by the due date.

    5.    Any classwork that is not completed during the allotted class time will have to be done as homework and finished by the specified due date. Generally, the next day. (This will also be also be true for absentees- we will follow the school rules for the time allotted due to excused absents).

    6.    Before the next class read your class notes and rewrite them so they become your notes. If they are not clear or you have any questions on what was covered please ask as soon as we meet again.

    7.    Ask questions if you experience difficulty or want to check your understanding. Focused questions help the whole class.

    8.    Seek assistance with me if you need extra help. I will gladly help any students during the day: 4th when not covering another class;  6th, 7th and after school. Room 2234. Please note if you asked to come and I am not in my room please wait I will be there.

    9.    During class assignments you will be assigned a partner to work with. Only 2 students should be working together unless we have an odd number of students.



    Grade is made up of three components: 40% class participation, 40% class work, and 20% summative assessments which will include section quizzes and chapter tests.

    A.    Class participation requirements:

    1.    come to class on time with all your materials- notebook, book, writing utensil and a calculator.

    2.    Stay on topic and ask focused questions on what we are covering and/or share with the class your comments on your understanding of the skills and concepts we are working with and applying.

    3.    Work together as a class and when working with your partner by staying on topic and refrain from making off topic comments or carrying on conversations that are not specific to our work. If the class works together and is respectful of every ones right to hear the lesson and share their questions about the lesson everyone will be more successful.

    4.    You must take notes and keep an orderly notebook. All papers that are returned to you must be kept in your notebook. They will be useful for studying and they are your record of what you have handed in and the  score you have received.

    5.    Must work on the assignments and classwork when they are assigned.

    6.    Be respectful of each other, the teacher or anyone that is present in the room.

    7.    Any supplies you borrow please return them where you got them from.

    8.    Keep the room clean- Do not write on desks or any of the supplies.

    9.    NO CELL PHONES or any ELECTRONIC DEVICES. All these devices must not be in view or use.

    10. All school wide rules will be followed.  Absolutely NO open containers even if you have filled them up at the water fountain.

    B. Class work:

                 Classwork: will be problems assigned at the end of each section. They will be graded for                              completeness and correctness.

                            Students should use their notes, the book, their partner and the teacher as resources when                             doing the classwork.

                            The objectives of the classwork:

    1. Students will successfully explain the concepts and skills that were covered in the section through notes, readings, and class discussions in their own words.

                                    2. Students will master the skills covered through skill practice problems.

                                    3. Students will be able to experience real world applications by working on multiple                                         step problems that they will have to solve.

                                    4. Students will work together in a collaborative manner 

    such that they will experience the positive outcomes of working together towards a shared  outcome that is, success in applying skills and concepts learned.

                                     5.  Students will use higher order level thinking.

                            To earn full credit on the class work it must include:

    1.    Name, section specified, page(s) and problem numbers, period and date.

    2.    The facts given, what the question is about, the set-up and/or work, even if you use a calculator to get to the answer.

    C. Assessments:

                For most assessments you will be able to use your notebook and a calculator.

                Not bringing your notebook or calculator to class will not be a reason to be excused from an                       assessment. Students may not borrow another student’s notes or calculator during an assessment.


    Class Goal: That all the students that follow the class requirements; Actively participate, do and hand in their classwork will be successful and if they study on a regular basis they can also excel. 

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