New Procedure for Bus Assignment Changes

  • Adoption Date: 5/17/2004, Revised: 11/5/2012 
    800 - OPERATIONS


    810.1 Drug/Alcohol Testing-Covered Drivers


    The Board recognizes that the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol is a serious problem that may be present in the workplace or during the performance of work duties.  The Board also recognizes that a driver impaired by drugs or alcohol who operates district vehicles or transports students poses significant risks to the safety of students and others.

    A “covered driver” shall mean any operator of a motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 or more pounds or is designed to transport sixteen (16) or more passengers, including the driver; or any other district employee who is regularly assigned to drive a school district vehicle of any size or kind.

    The phrase “covered driver” includes drivers and mechanics who operate or repair such vehicles, including full-time, regularly employed individuals; casual, intermittent or occasional individuals; and leased drivers and independent owner-operated contractors who are contracted by the district or who operate a bus owned or leased by the district.

    The Board establishes that transportation companies contracted by the Board shall provide a program of drug and alcohol education and testing for covered drivers.  A  statement ensuring such program shall be included in the contracted agreement.  Contracted companies must meet all local and state drug testing laws.


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