New Procedure for Bus Assignment Changes

  • Adoption Date: 5/17/2004, Revised: 11/5/2012 
    800 - OPERATIONS


    810.4 School Van Usage


    The Board shall purchase, equip, and maintain school vans for transportation of students and staff to and from school related events.

    The use of a van by any district employee shall be in strict accordance with the law and Board policy.

    The van will be used for the following purposes, which are listed in order of priority:

    a.  Educational trips

    b.  Athletics

    c.  Non-curriculum field trips

    d.  All others as approved by the Transportation Supervisor.

    Proper procedures for requesting and safely operating a district van are as follows:

    a.  All sections of the van request form must be completed and submitted to the principal or supervisor for approval and then forwarded to the Maintenance Department for processing.

    b.  The driver of the vehicle must be a district employee and must attach a copy of his/her valid PA driver’s license to the van request form.

    c.  Any employee that is requesting the use of the van will be subject to a Motor Vehicle Records check (MVR) using P Dot Form DL503.  If the MVR is returned with any unacceptable violations, the request for usage will be denied.

    d.  The Maintenance Department will approve or deny the request based on the availability and purpose of the trip.

    e.  Overnight trips will only be approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee.

    Vehicle Safety Rules:

    a.  The driver must operate the vehicle in a safe manner and obey all traffic laws.  Drivers will be responsible for all traffic violations, penalties and or fines incurred while operating the vehicle.

    b.  No more than ten (10) passengers (including the driver) may be transported in a district van.

    c.  Non-district employees are prohibited from operating a van under any circumstances.

    d.  In the case of a vehicle breakdown or accident, the Transportation and /or Maintenance Office must be notified immediately.

    e.  The van and keys must be returned to the Maintenance Department immediately upon return.

    f.  Upon return, the vehicle must be cleaned of any trash. 

    g.  If upon return, damage is noted, the last operator may be held responsible for repairs.

    h.  Any questions are to be directed to the Transportation Office.

    i.   All drivers will have their driver’s license status with the PA Department of Transportation checked by the Transportation Office each year.


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