Educational Links for Parents

  • Educational Links for Parents
    In the table below, you will find several educational links in Mathematics (K-6) and Reading/Language Arts (K-6). A suggested grade level is shared for each site. Consider your child's ability when choosing a site. 
    M = Math, R/LA = Reading/Language Arts
    Site Description M or R/LA Grade Level


    Games to assist with letters, numbers, time, 
    shapes, and more. 
    M and R/LA K-1

    PBS Kids

    Fun videos and games to reinforce
    K-6 reading and language arts skills.
    R/LA K-6

    PBS Kids Labs

    Math activities can be found by searching for a skill
    such as counting, addition, subtraction, and more.
    M K-4
    A great site for preschool, K, 1, 2, 
    special education, and 
    English language development. 
    Teaches children to read with phonics.
    R/LA K-2

    TIME for Kids

    TIME magazine but written for children. 
    Articles are relevant for a child's world.
    R/LA 1-6

    Quiz Hub

    Interactive quizzes in several areas. M and R/LA K-2

    Discovery Education

    A wealth of information in many subject areas.
    M and R/LA K-6

    IXL Learning

    Interactive math practice to build on specific math skills.  M K-6
    Fun 4 the Brain Some fun activities in several areas.
    Young children may need some initial assistance. 
    M and R/LA K-6
    Cool Math 4 Kids This site gives a short lesson on each topic.
    Children can play timed games to see how well they
    know their facts.
    M K-6
    Khan Academy Khan Academy has an extensive
    video library, interactive practices, and trial assessments. A great place to learn and perfect skills.
    M K-6