Educational Links for Parents

  • Educational Links for Parents

    In the table below, you will find several educational links in Mathematics (K-6) and Reading/Language Arts (K-6). A suggested grade level is shared for each site. Consider your child's ability when choosing a site. 
    M = Math, R/LA = Reading/Language Arts

    SiteDescriptionM or R/LAGrade Level


    Games to assist with letters, numbers, time, 
    shapes, and more. 
    M and R/LAK-1

    PBS Kids

    Fun videos and games to reinforce
    K-6 reading and language arts skills.

    PBS Kids Labs

    Math activities can be found by searching for a skill
    such as counting, addition, subtraction, and more.
    A great site for preschool, K, 1, 2, 
    special education, and 
    English language development. 
    Teaches children to read with phonics.

    TIME for Kids

    TIME magazine but written for children. 
    Articles are relevant for a child's world.

    Quiz Hub

    Interactive quizzes in several areas.M and R/LAK-2

    Discovery Education

    A wealth of information in many subject areas.
    M and R/LAK-6

    IXL Learning

    Interactive math practice to build on specific math skills. MK-6
    Fun 4 the BrainSome fun activities in several areas.
    Young children may need some initial assistance. 
    M and R/LAK-6
    Cool Math 4 KidsThis site gives a short lesson on each topic.
    Children can play timed games to see how well they
    know their facts.
    Khan AcademyKhan Academy has an extensive
    video library, interactive practices, and trial assessments. A great place to learn and perfect skills.
    ThinkfinityLearning games in math, reading,  
    writing, science, and history.
            M and R/LA