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    The school district’s career planning and transition services web page is designed to give Northampton Area School District staff and the community the opportunity to access local and state support to assist with developing meaningful transition plans for our students. Northampton Area School District complies with federal law, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 (IDEA 2004), to secure secondary transition services for students with special needs.

    Transition planning should be thought of as a bridge between school programs and the opportunities of adult life for students 14 - 21 years of age, including higher education, employment, independent living and community participation. Effective transition involves purposeful planning and recognizing the student's current strengths, interests, preferences, and needs, and then identifying what services and supports he or she will need to achieve future success.

      Listed below are some websites that we recommend to use for Career and Transition Planning.

             This website addresses career awareness, education, acquisition, retention, advancement, and entrepreneurship.  Students and parents can create electronic career portfolios, research graduation projects, take online interest profiles, learn how to create resumes and cover letters, prepare for interviews, and access local resources.


            The Pennsylvania Youth Leaders Network (PYLN) is a team of adolescents with disabilities from across the state that has been created to develop young leaders extend successful post school outcomes in the areas of education, employment, independent living, and health and wellness.  Their transition toolkit is instrumental in helping them become successful, empowered, and independent citizens.


              Shared Work is both a communication tool and a collaborative work space.  It brings organizations, agencies, groups, and individuals together to communicate what is important to them, to learn together, to do work together, and to collaborate in addressing complex educational problems.  It focuses on providing students and families with the knowhow to support their future endeavors and become productive citizens.


           This site explains what transition services are, how parents can help their children with creating a transition plan, and other services that are available in the transition process.  There are a variety of federal and state resources that further explain transition, its goals, and access to assistance if necessary.

     Click the related file below titled Northampton Transition Handbook which contains information concerning transition in high school, a transition checklist, and contact numbers for services.

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