School Bus Code of Conduct

  • School Bus Conduct and Safety Code

    1. Be ready to board the bus on time and line up to enter the bus in an orderly manner.

    2. Leave the bus in an orderly and safe manner.

    3. Be careful in approaching the school bus stop.

    4. Wait until the bus is at a complete standstill before attempting to enter.

    5. Remain off the road at all times and behave in a safe manner while waiting for the bus.

    6. Ride only the bus to which assigned. Board and get off the bus at the assigned bus stop.

    7. Assist in keeping the bus as safe and as sanitary as possible at all times.

    8. Practice courtesy to fellow pupils and assist the bus driver whenever possible, particularly with small children.

    9. Do not extend hands, arms or any other part of the body or any object out of the windows or the doors.

    10. Never experiment or tamper with the bus or any of its equipment.

    11. Be careful to leave nothing on the bus, such as lunches, clothing or books.

    12. Keep all noise in the bus to a minimum. Firecrackers, loud talking, laughing or any behavior creating a disturbance is not allowed.

    13. Roughhousing or throwing objects from the bus is prohibited.

    14. Radios are not permitted on the bus. Transportation of items such as musical instruments is not permitted unless carried in a case on the lap of the student. Personal possessions may not be in the aisle.

    15. Water pistols or other objects that can create disturbances are strictly forbidden. Glass objects may not be transported.

    16. Obscene language is not permitted.

    17. Smoking or the lighting of matches/lighters are prohibited.

    18. Eating, drinking or use of alcoholic beverages or narcotics is not permitted on the bus.

    19. Pets are not permitted on the bus.

    20. Remain quiet when the bus is approaching a railroad crossing and until the bus has passed the railroad.

    21. The driver is in complete charge of the bus. Students who risk the safety of others by their misbehavior may lose the privilege of riding the bus.

    22. Obey the school bus driver and, in case of an emergency, remain in the bus unless otherwise instructed by the individual in authority.

    23. Be careful and watch for an alert signal from the bus driver.

    24. If you must cross the road after getting off the bus, cross twelve (12) feet in front of the bus. Always look both ways to make sure no traffic is approaching.

    25. If a student violates any of the above rules and regulations and loses the bus privilege, the student or his/her parents or guardians will have to provide transportation to school. In such cases, the law still requires attendance at school with parental arrest for nonattendance.

    26. If a student intentionally damages seats or other parts of the bus, he/she will be required to pay for its replacement.

    27. Students are to remain in their seats while the bus is in motion.

    28. Unusual and extreme misbehavior may result in formal charges of harassment, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and/or criminal trespass being brought against the student(s).

    29. Videocameras may be utilized for safety purposes. For complete information, please refer to district Policy 810.3.