Behavior Expectations

  • Click on the file below (Behavior Expectation Matrix) to access a chart of behavior expectations students are to demonstrate in the classroom, bathroom, hallway/stairwell, assemblies, bus, playground, cafeteria, and arrival/dismissal.





    4th Grade Classroom Expectations

    (Example “Shining” STAR Behaviors)



    Support Safety

    • Papers put away in folder
    • Cubbies neatly organized
    • Keep personal space organized (ex: desk, cubbie, floor area)







    Take Responsibility













    • Pencils sharpened
    • Correct book, folder, and assignment book ready for class
    • Books open and ready to work
    • Be prepared for class with all necessary materials
    • Show good listening skills (ex: sit up straight, give eye contact to the speaker)




    Always do my best











    • Actively engage in learning
    • Take pride in the work of yourself and others
    • Make quick and smooth transitions from one task to another





    Respect Myself and Others

    • Use restroom or get drink before instruction begins
    • Raise hand and wait patiently until called upon
    • Accept all views of peers and adults
    • Ask permission to leave seat / room
    • Show friendly behavior to those around you (i.e., respect adults and students)


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