See the link below to review the rules for Plural Possessive Nouns.




    Similies compare two unrelated things using the words like or as.


    Writers use similes to compare things.  Similes usually use the words "like" or "as".

    For example:

      His eyes were as blue as the sky.

      His eyes were blue like the sky.

    Fill in the blanks below to complete the similes.

    The bird was as _________as a ____________.

    My mom is as __________as a ____________.

    The pillow was like a ______________________________________.

    My puppy is like a ______________________________________.

    Practice:  Use the word below and write a simile.  Compare it to something that relates and conveys a picture in the reader's mind.

    1. hair

    2. clouds

    3. car 

    4. grass

    5. rain

    Metaphors are imaginative ways to describe something by comparing that thing to something else without using the word like or as


    For example, if I wanted to say that Dan is tall, I could say that Dan is a giant.  Read below for more examples.

    Your eyes are an ocean of blue.

    He was a wilting flower due to stage fright.

    You dog!

    Uh oh, I'm toast!

    She's just a little kitty cat.


    Hyperbole is a form of speech that could be described as 'extravagant exaggeration'.


    I had so much homework I needed a pick-up truck just to carry it home!

    My feet are so big I can walk from North America to China in two steps!

    Your voice is so loud they can hear you in the next galaxy!