Adjectives & Articles

  • Modifiers

    • Modifiers - words that describe (ex:  adjectives, adverbs, articles, negatives, etc.)


    • Describes or modifies a noun or pronoun
    • One adjective can change the whole meaning of a sentence.

            Ex:  They are hard working students.

                  They are lazy students.

    • Adjectives can tell what kind, which one, or how many.
    • Adjectives can come before or after the noun they describe.

            Ex:  The children, noisy and cheerfully are waiting in the hall.

    • Adjectives can come before or after the noun they describe.
    • Predicate adjectives follow linking verbs and describe the subject of a sentence.
    • Adjectives can be more than one word. When such an adjective comes before a noun, it is usually hyphenated.

            Ex:  After school, I work a part-time job.


    Articles and Demonstratives

    • The words a, an, and the are special adjectives called articles.   - Articles can come before or after the noun.

              Ex: It's an hour past the start of the exciting game.

    •   The refers to a specific item.

            - Singular or Plural

              Ex: The dog is barking.

                    The chickens are running around.

    • A or an refers to any one item.

           - Use an before words with a beginning vowel sound.

              Ex: A book, a student, an elephant, and outstanding score.

    • Demonstrative Adjectives tell which one.

           - This, that, these, those


    Point out people, places, and things Nearby Far Away
    Singular this that
    Plural these those