Instead of writing said, try. . .

  • Instead of writing said, try . . .

    accused brayed echoed invited recalled spewed
    added bubbled emphasized joked refused spoke
    ad-libbed cackled encouraged joshed related sputtered
    admitted called exclaimed justified relayed squeaked
    advised choked exhorted laughed remarked squealed
    affirmed commanded explained maintained reminded stammered
    agreed commented exploded mentioned repeated stated
    announced complained gasped mimicked replied submitted
    answered consoled giggled moaned reported suggested
    argued continued gossiped mumbled responded tattled
    asked corrected grinned muttered restated teased
    assured dared growled ordered sang thanked
    balked declared grunted persuaded scolded thundered
    barked decried hinted preached screeched vowed
    beckoned deduced hissed predicted shouted wailed
    bellowed deferred howled proposed sighed whimpered
    blabbed demanded hummed protested snapped whined
    blubbered denounced indicated questioned sniffed whistled
    blurted described injected quipped snorted wondered
    boasted directed insisted quizzed sobbed yawned
    bossed divulged instructed quoted specified yelled
    bragged drawled interrupted reasoned speculated yelped