Feelings Chart



    happiness Sadness Anger Love and friendship Fear Distress

    High level of feeling

    elated miserable fuming adoring dreadful anguished
    giddy crushed furious devoted panicky disgusted
    overjoyed worthless outraged passionate horrified speechless
    radiant humiliated incensed amorous terrified tormented
    ecstatic depressed burned up tender petrified sickened
    jubilant helpless hateful ardent desperate afflicted
    Moderate level of feeling
    tickled forlorn disgusted caring alarmed badgered
    glowing burdened irritated dedicated fearful bewildered
    excited slighted aggravated generous jittery confused
    joyous abused biting loving strained disturbed
    bubbly defeated hostile empathic shaky impaired
    delighted dejected riled considerate threatened offended
    Low level of feeling
    amused resigned peeved warm uneasy silly
    cheerful apathetic bugged amiable tense foolish
    pleased blue annoyed civil timid unsure
    relieved gloomy ruffled polite anxious touchy
    glad ignored nettled giving nervous lost
    serene glum cross kindly puzzled disturbed