Biography Book Reports

  • Meet a Famous Figure

    Biography Book Report

    This is your chance to “become” a famous world figure and share with your class through your dramatic performance!  After reading a biography, you will dress like the person you have studied and present answers to interview questions you have researched in advance.  Follow the directions to complete this project:


    Dress as a Famous Figure

    -         Scour your home or a thrift shop, or ask neighbors and relatives for help, and assemble an authentic-looking costume for your famous person.


    Project Requirements:

    1.      Find a biography that interests you and have it approved.  Read the interview questions first so you will be able to think about the answers as you read the book.


    Interview Questions:

    A.     Where did you grow up?


    B.     Tell me about your family.  (Example:  Explain your parents’ occupation.  Discuss how many siblings you had and what they were like.)


    C.      Tell about 3 events that happened in your childhood.


    D.    How did events in your childhood play a part in your career choice?


    E.     Have you had to make any difficult choices?  If so, what were they?  Are you happy with the results of those choices?  Why or why not?


    F.     What is the one thing you have done so far for which you hope to be remembered?  Why did you choose this accomplishment?


    2.    As you read, compose 3 more questions of your choice to help us get to know “you” (the subject of your chosen biography) better.  Write the questions and answers in draft form. 


    Examples of well-written question:  What other countries

    have you visited and why?  Did you do anything in your life

    that you regret?


    Examples of poor quality questions:  What was your

    favorite color?  How did you die?


    3.    Finish your biography and make notes about the way your famous person would dress.  Remember to think about hats, eyeglasses, or other props if appropriate.  Begin to collect clothing to help you create a costume for your famous person.


    4.    Based on what you have read, answer all the interview questions as if you were speaking as the famous person.  Revise and edit your answers.  You must turn into the teacher a neatly written or typed, clean copy of all the questions, including the 3 you created, along with your answers.


    5.    A separate 1-page summary neatly written or typed that details the life of the biography character must be turned into the teacher along with your questions and answers.  This summary will be graded according to the PA Writing Rubric.


    Presentation Guidelines:

    -         Dressed in costume, you may sit or stand to respond to the interview questions.  Both the teacher and student may ask you questions that were not your interview questions.  Your ability to provide thoughtful and accurate replies will help introduce our class to a fascinating, famous person.  Ultimately, you need to demonstrate your knowledge of the biography character’s life.


    -         See attached rubric.


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