Punctuating Dialogue


    Rules for Punctuation Dialogue

    -        A comma usually separates the speaker from the quotation.

    -        Begin the first word of the quotation with a capital letter.

    -        Quotation marks surround the speaker’s words.

    -        Usually place end punctuation inside the quotation marks.

    -        Begin a new paragraph whenever there is a change of speakers.

    -        Ex: (Speaker first) Lauren exclaimed, “I love writing class!”

    -        Ex: (Speaker last)   “I read this book already,” Rachel advised.

      Quote with ? or !

    -        When a quotation ends in a question mark or an exclamation, do not add a comma.

    -        Ex: Where are we going?”  John asked.

    Interrupted Quote

      -        When a quotation is interrupted in the middle by the speaker end the first part of the quotation with quotation marks.  Begin the second part with quotation marks.  Use commas to separate the quotation from the speaker.

    Ex: “Oh no,”