Point of View

  • Point of View

    1st Person - Tells the story of "I"
    • the narrator is involved in the story
    • uses "I" or "We"
    • Example:  After school, I began working on my book report.  My mom helped me glue the character descriptions onto the figures.  Together, we finished up my report before supper.  I hope I get a good grade.

    2nd Person - Tells the story of "You"
    • the reader's actions are narrated
    • someone tells your story
    • uses "You" or "Your" or "You're"
    • Example:  Before adding water, you need to be sure to place the stopper in the tub.  Then you're ready to add the bubble bath your grandmother gave you for Christmas.

    3rd Person - Tells the story of "He" or "She"
    • the narrator is outside of the story
    • refers to the characters by name
    • often uses dialogue (characters speaking)
    • uses "He" or "She"
    • Example:  Tiffany loved performing.  Every day she went home after school and stood in front of her mirror.  She would spend hours practicing different facial expressions and character voices.  Tiffany dreamed of starring in a play one day.




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