2022-2023 District Goals

 Implement classroom instructional strategies that promote collaborative learning to improve student growth in all academic areas

  • Continue the development and plan for implementation of the District Comprehensive Plan and revised District Mission, Vision, and Profile of a Graduate focusing on elevating educational opportunities for all students
  • Implement Year 1 of the District Special Education Plan to include professional development focusing on literacy and IEP development and a continued focus on improving our instructional services in the least restrictive environment
  • Collaborate with outside agencies to develop partnerships to address mental health, counseling, and supports for students, staff, and families
  • Review and enhance safety plans in collaboration with staff, students, community members, and first responders
  • Finalize and communicate plans to address capital projects and student enrollment
  • Develop a plan that addresses the hiring of quality staff members and the retention of staff members, and provides the necessary trainings and mentorship needed that offer support and enhance all areas of the District
  • Develop and implement plans to improve the IT and data security and disaster recovery plans