• Superintendent

    Joseph S. Kovalchik
    District Administration Building
    2014 Laubach Ave.
    Northampton, PA 18067
    610-262-7811 x20200


    Secretary to Superintendent

    Denise Vilkauskas
    District Administration Building
    2014 Laubach Ave.
    Northampton, PA 18067
    610-262-7811 x20202



    The Northampton Area School District continues to make positive strides in all areas because of a supportive Board of Education, great staff, hardworking students, and a community that is committed to providing a quality education. The District will continue to follow our mission of Learning from the Past, Listening to the Present, and Leading our Future.

    During the past few years, the District academic scores have increased, educational opportunities for our students were added, facilities have been improved, access to technology has been enhanced, and our community has been educated on the various societal issues facing our nation. 

    I have been extremely impressed with our one to one digital learning device program, Project PRIDE, in grades 6-12. Our staff and students have embraced this initiative, which has allowed students to focus on project based learning and higher level thinking skills. We will continue to expand this program at the secondary level and incorporate this initiative into our elementary schools.

    The District will be exploring and implementing the latest approved safety procedures in all District buildings. The District Wide Safety Committee and Building Level Safety Teams will work with our local authorities to provide the safest environment for our students and staff. 

    In addition to safety, the District will be reviewing grading assessment guidelines and building master schedules, graduation requirements, and standard based report cards. We will complete the Special Education Audit required by the state, begin construction on the new Lehigh Elementary School, develop Community Outreach Programs, and continue to add Pre- K programs by partnering with outside agencies.  

    I want to thank the Konkrete Kids Educational Foundation, PTAs, and Booster Clubs for all of their support last year as they have provided for so many years, and I am looking forward to our continued partnership with these organizations and our community during this coming school year.


    (1) Student Growth and Achievement:  Superintendent uses multiple data sources to assess student success and growth as appropriate, specific to the needs within the School District and as determined periodically in collaboration with the Board.  Such sources may include Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA), Keystone Exams, Pennsylvania Value Added Assessment System and other assessment tools.

    (2)  Organizational Leadership:  Superintendent works collaboratively with the Board to develop a vision for the School District, works collaboratively with the School District administration to ensure best practices for instruction, supervision, curriculum development, and management are being utilized and works to influence the climate and culture of the School District.

    (3)  District Operations and Financial Management:  Superintendent manages effectively, ensuring completion of activities associated with the annual budget; overseeing distribution of resources in support of the School District priorities; and directing overall operational activities within the School District.

    (4)  Communication and Community Relations:  Superintendent communicates with and effectively engages the staff, the Board and members of the community, clearly articulating the School District's goals and priorities, addressing local and broader issues affecting the School District, and building support for School District initiatives, programs and short/long-range plans.

    (5) Human Resources Management:  Superintendent incorporates best practices for human resource management and oversight, coordinating staffing, recruitment, and other human resource functions.

    (6)  Professionalism:  Superintendent models professional decision making processes and ethical standards consistent with the values of Pennsylvania's public education system as well as that of the local community.  Superintendent additionally works to individually reflect upon his effectiveness within the role, and works to improve effectiveness through the use of professional development literature and activities.

    (7)  Staff Development and Training:  Superintendent designates days and hours to staff development and training to assure that the School District professional employees and support personnel perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

    (8)  Liability and Risk Management:  Superintendent incorporates best practices to minimize liability risks in general and risks of bodily injury to students, staff, visitors, and property on School District property and at School District events.

    The Superintendent has met the above Performance Standards for the 2017-2018 school year.