Technology Services Information

  • NASD Technology Services provides education technology support to students and staff.

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    The department is headed by the Director of Technology.

    We are located at: 2389 Main Street, Northampton PA 18067     Phone: 610-262-6815

    The following staff members support a comprehensive network of computers and peripheral devices.


    The Network Specialist, and Network Analyst are charged with the procurement, configuration, deployment and maintenance of network hardware and software. The Network Specialist and Network Analyste work together to implement security policies and oversee the day-to-day computer and network maintenance program.


    The Information Systems Coordinator works with our Student Information Systems database and related systems. The Information Systems Coordinator is responsible for the accuracy and security of District data systems. The ISC oversees data exports and state reporting requirements.



     The Technology Assistant assists professional and paraprofessional staff with the integration and application of technology. Additionally, the Technology Assistant serves as the first line of technical support for computer troubleshooting.




     The Technicians work to ensure PCs and peripherals are functioning at peak performance. They receive work requests via email or a website form. The requests are prioritized and assigned. The NASD computer repair shop conducts repairs down to the component level.





    The Technology Office Assistant assists the Network Specialist, the Director of Technology, and the Information Systems Coordinator with office tasks. The TOA also coordinates computer training sessions, registration, and Act 48 continuing professional education credits. The TOA also acts as a help desk reference for secretarial and professional staff members.