Student Assistance Program (SAP)

  • Welcome to the Moore Elementary School Student Assistance Program (SAP) page.  The Team would like to welcome you to our information page.  We hope that the information provided below is beneficial to you during your visit to our site.

    The goal of the "K-Kids Support Team" (SAP) is to provide an avenue for students, parents/guardians and teachers to access help for students who are meeting "difficulties" in school.  These difficulties could be the result of destructive decisions, emotional and mental breakdowns, or events in their lives.  The SAP Team is dedicated to helping students overcome these barriers through help, guidance, and support.  The K-Kids Support Team has close contact with outside agencies that can be called upon for work with the students to help overcome these barriers.

    The K-Kids Support Team would like to wish all of the students of Moore Elementary School a safe, healthy and successful school year!



    Sarah Whitworth - Team Leader, School Counselor

    Curt Dimmick - Principal

    Sarah Krachie - Special Ed. Lead Teacher

    Lori Klitsch - School Nurse

    Heather Shaner - Head Teacher, Reading IST

    Katy Dremock - Math IST

    Stacy Hageman - Music Teacher

    Korinn Cser - Learning Support (Grs. K-1)

    Chris Heffelfinger - Grade 2 Teacher

    Tori Milburn - Learning Support (Gr. 3)

    Nicole Cramer - Grade 5 Teacher

    Hillary Hartzell - Grade 2 Teacher

    Jamie Rockwell - Learning Support (Gr. 4)

    Amanda Seibert - Learning Support (Gr. 5)



    SAP Referral forms are available in the Main Office and the Guidance Office of Moore Elementary School.  We ask that only serious referrals are made to the K-Kids Support Team.

    SAP referrals can also be made by phone.  Please call the TIP line, the Main Office (Administration) or the Guidance Office and ask for one of the K-Kids Support Team members.


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