Title I, II, III Information



    Title I, II,  & III Federal Grants / District Programs


    Title I is designed to help academically non-proficient children meet challenging content and student performance standards.  Title I provides financial assistance through state educational agencies to local school districts.  Funds are provided from the federal government to schools based on the school’s percentage of economically disadvantaged families.  All students are eligible to participate in the Title I program after the district/school is identified and funded.  In the Northampton Area School District, the purpose is to provide reading and math intervention to prevent our students from failing and to prepare them to meet the Language Arts  and Mathematics Standards adopted by the State of Pennsylvania.  The school district must use the Title I funds to supplement, not supplant, available funds in the identified schools and grade level programs.


    The Northampton Area School District uses the Title I funds it receives to provide services to children in first and second grade for Reading and third through sixth grade in Mathematics.  The funds received are used to employ certified reading and mathematics specialists.  Our program provides supplemental education to students in reading and mathematics using research-based reading programs.  A portion of the Northampton Area School District’s Title I funds are allocated to children attending non-public schools, parent involvement, and possibly teacher staff development.


    The Title II, Part A, Improving Teacher Quality Grants, is provided to local school districts by the federal government through state education agencies.  In the Northampton Area School District, Title II, Part A, services are to be used to reduce class sizes at the first grade level in order to improve student academic success.  Also, the district may use these funds for staff development activities that enhance teacher performance and ensure student success.


    Title III is officially known as the English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement Act. Title III is a part of federal funding. It is specifically targeted to benefit Limited English Proficient (LEP) children and immigrant youth. The Act states that LEP students must not only attain English proficiency but simultaneously meet the same academic standards as their English-speaking peers in all content areas.  Our program provides language development and ELA education to students using research-based reading programs.

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