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    Amy Wright, M.S.



    A- Cd


    x 11126


    Ryan Brobst, M.Ed.


    Ce - F



    x 11127


    Kim Butryn, M.Ed.


    G - Kg


    x 11129


    Nadine Rupp, M.Ed.


    Kh - Nf



    x 11122


    Jason Winchenbach, M.S.


    Ng - Sk



    x 11123


    Dave Remaley, M.Ed.


     Sl - Z


    x 11128


    Christina Thrash, M.Ed.


    Student Attendance Improvement Plan


    x 11125



    Laura Boyko  x11133

    Transcripts, Enrollments, Withdrawals, Working Papers

                        Transcript release form former/graduated students 


    Julie DeGroot  x11115

    Scholarships/Financial Aid, College/Career Assistant, Student Services  


    Carrie Gruber x 11132

     Student grades, Schedules, Transcripts



    The School Counselors’ primary focus is to assist students in achieving academic success. Our staff helps students to develop the skills that are necessary to achieve their academic and career goals.


    Yearly, we meet with each of our students to discuss graduation requirements, to set career goals, preview course availability, consider program concerns, and to update student records with regard to extra-curricular activities and personal interests.

    Counselors meet with students individually or in groups.  We make referrals to in-school resources such as the SAP Counselor, the school nurse and the psychologist. We regularly attend I.E.P. meetings for Special Education students and G.I.E.P. meetings for Gifted students. We initiate services for Homebound Instruction and assist with the entry and withdrawal of students.  If necessary, we refer and coordinate services for students to outside resources such as D&A Programs, psychologists, Public Assistance, the Crime Victims Council, Juvenile Probation and Valley Youth House. Counselors also coordinate and assist with PSAT, SAT, AP, ASVAB, and Keystone tests.

    Counselors help students with their search for post-secondary education and application to schools.  In the fall of the year, we provide access for numerous representatives to meet with our students. We assist students with the completion of their applications, and provide transcripts and recommendations for colleges and scholarships.


    Every Fall we offer a FAFSA Completion Night for parents and students to complete the FAFSA with a financial aid officer present to help and answer questions. In May, we offer a College and Financial Aid Night program for students and parents. This event provides an opportunity to meet with numerous local public and private colleges, business and technology schools and representatives from the military. Each family is encouraged to attend the Financial Aid Session which highlights the process of applying for money to help pay for post-secondary schooling.   Our department also coordinates and presents the Annual Academic Awards Program that recognizes outstanding academic performance of students from ninth through twelfth grade.  We hold information sessions for 8th grade transition, throughout the year to address scheduling courses, tours and school kick-off.


    Each student’s success is important to us.  If you have any concerns about your child, please contact your counselor!  


    Answers to questions can also be found in the Student-Parent Handbook.

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