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  •  Act 48 and Professional Development for Teachers 2017-2018


    In-Service Days: Each school year, there are eight (8) District in-service days in the Northampton Area School District.  Of the eight in-service days in the school calendar, five (5) are devoted to staff development for teachers.  The staff development days are 6 hours in duration. 


    During the 2017-2018 school year, the staff development in-service days are as follows:

    1. August 22, 2017 – 6 hours of staff development
    2. August 23, 2017 – 6 hours of staff development
    3. October 9, 2017 – 6 hours of staff development
    4. November 22, 2017 – 6 hours of staff development
    5. February 16, 2018 – 6 hours of staff development

    In addition to the five (5) in-service staff development days, there are three (3) in-service days that do not count toward Act 48.  There is one day devoted to District Welcome and building beginning-of-the-school-year faculty meetings (8/21/17); one day is devoted to Teacher Day in the Room to prep for the beginning of the school year (8/24/17), and one day is devoted to the end-of-the-school-year Records Day (6/4/18). 


    Faculty Meetings: During the 2017-2018 School Year, faculty meetings will be one hour in duration so that professional development sessions can also be held during faculty meetings.  There are eight faculty meetings for each building.


    Act 48 Potential In District Hours: Therefore, each school year, teachers have the potential to earn approximately 38 Act 48 hours during staff development in-service days and faculty meetings and over a five-year period a potential to earn approximately 190 Act 48 hours.  Please keep in mind, however, that at times these in-service days may be needed for non-Act 48 eligible uses or for travel time as needed for session locations for special circumstances, which may require a change of prescheduled training activity time.

    Act 48 Moratorium: Just for your information, Act 48 was suspended for a 2 year period in 2013.  That moratorium means that teachers who possess an active PA teaching certificate have 7 years to complete the 180 hours of Act 48 hours that are required.  If you hold an active PA teaching certificate, starting on August 29, 2011, you will have two years added to your Act 48 due date for the required 180 Act 48 hours. Please note: No one was prohibited from taking Act 48 courses during the two-year suspension period.  Any educator or system leader could continue to acquire Act 48 credits and/or hours during the two-year suspension period.  Hours accrued during that time was credited to the compliance period in effect at the time of the suspension/moratorium.


    Act 48 One Year Extension from Act 14: Each professional educator’s current continuing professional education compliance period shall be extended by one year.  This subsection shall expire one year from its effective date. (added November 2, 2016)

    Therefore, all educators have a one year extension, which, for many veteran teachers, would mean that the new end of the Act 48 window will be 6/30/18.  However, all educators should check their PERMS accounts ( to see the exact end of their Act 48 window date.


    Roll Over Hours from Act 14: If, during a professional educator’s five-year compliance period under this section, a professional educator satisfactorily completes continuing professional education credits or hours in excess of the number of credits or hours required, any excess continuing professional education credits or hours satisfying the requirements of this section that are completed during the final two years of a professional educator’s five-year compliance period up to a maximum of fifty (50) hours of continuing professional education programs, activities, or learning experiences, or any combination of collegiate studies, continuing professional education courses or other programs, activities, or learning experiences equivalent to a maximum of fifty (50) hours, shall be credited to the professional educator’s continuing professional education record for the next succeeding compliance period.  

    In addition to the District in-service staff development days, teachers can also earn Act 48 hours in the district through the following means:

    • Curriculum/Assessment work and/or preparation for staff development presentations by pre-approval of the Director of Curriculum and Instruction
    • In-district staff development opportunities including but not limited to School-wide Positive Behavior Support Core Team Training, Olweus Core Team Training, Teacher Induction Activities, Crisis Management Building Team Training, technology and software training, program review, and District data retreat.

    Teachers can also earn Act 48 hours through the following means:

    §  Approved college courses

    §  IU and PaTTAN training opportunities

    §  Online Learning Opportunities offered through the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Embedded Learning (Please see the following District website links: PDE Courses (PDE courses are free to PA certified teachers) - then click on Teacher Tools at the top of the page (you must Login to access Teacher Tools) Embedded Learning Courses (Embedded Learning charges the participant for each course taken) 

    §  Approved educational training providers such as the Bureau of Education and Research (BER) and the National Council of Teachers Conferences

    Teachers should continually keep track of their Act 48 hours to be certain to attain the minimum 180 Act 48 hours required of teachers during their five-year window (plus 2 year moratorium and another 1 year extension, resulting in an eight-year window). 

    Please be aware that CPETracker keeps track of only those Act 48 hours earned within our District and IU20.  To see the full record of a teacher’s Act 48 hours, teachers must logon to the Online Act 48 Professional Education Record Management System (PERMS) website at

    Teachers who have further questions regarding Act 48 hours should visit PDE’s website at:

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