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Have You Ever Thought About Being a Substitute Teacher?

Do you have a Bachelor’s Degree?

Do you like working with children and having an impact on their educational development?

Do you like the idea of working only on school days, having weekends, holidays and summers off?

Then maybe we have a job for you!

The District can apply to the state of Pennsylvania for an Emergency Teaching Permit for anyone who holds at least a Bachelor’s Degree.  This Permit would allow you to substitute teach in our District on a day-to-day basis.  The daily rate of pay is $110 per day.  

    No additional benefits are provided, but you have the freedom to determine what buildings, and/or grade level to work in, as well as the days that suit your schedule.

Please visit the Employment /Substitute page of our website or contact Jill Stout at 610-262-7811 Ext. 20021 for more information.