NASD Board Meeting Recording

Recording of Meetings Authorized and Controlled by Statute

All Open Meetings of the Board held in accordance with the School Code, Sunshine Act or other applicable law (the "Board Meeting" or "Meeting") shall be recorded using video and audio. The recording of the Board Meeting shall be posted on the district website on the next business day following the Meeting. The recording of a Board Meetings shall remain posted on the district website until the official minutes or other transcript of the Meeting as required by law have been approved by the Board or a period of thirty (30) days has elapsed, whichever occurs last. In accordance with the Sunshine Act or other applicable statute, the approved minutes of the Board Meeting or other legally required transcript of the Meeting shall constitute the only official record of the Meeting. 

The posting of the recorded meeting on the district's website shall not be interpreted as consent for duplication, copying, downloading, recording, or preserving the posted recording for any purpose.