Cement Belt Challenge

Northampton Area High School and Whitehall High School are proud to announce the creation of a new rivalry series that will kick off during the 2016-17 school year.  The Konkrete Kids and the Zephyrs will compete in the Cement Belt Challenge.  Twenty athletic teams from each school will compete in a yearlong, points-based competition that will determine the winner of the series.  Additionally, the Cement Belt Challenge will be proudly sponsored by the Keystone Cement Company and the names of additional sponsors will be announced as soon as they become available. 

The primary goal of the Cement Belt Challenge is to encourage a friendly, neighborly rivalry between the two Eastern Pennsylvania Conference member schools in all sports in which they compete.  In addition to the exposure of football and basketball, increased attention will be placed on Olympic sports competitions, encouraging attendance and generating support for these programs.  The series will also work to promote good sportsmanship and build a sense of anticipation and excitement towards crowning of the “Cement Belt Champions”.

Cement Belt Challenge Standings (See Files Below)

Cement Belt Challenge Champions

  • 2016-17: Northampton Area High School

  • 2017-18: Northampton Area High School

  • 2018-19: Northampton Area High School

  • 2019-20: Northampton Area High School

  • 2020-21: N/A

  • 2021-22: Northampton Area High School

  • 2022-23: Northampton Area High School

  • 2023-24: Northampton Area High School