Clearance Information


All employees of the Northampton Area School District are required to obtain and comply with the following clearances and requirements:  

Act 114 -  FBI Fingerprinting  Please click on this link to go directly to the Digital Fingerprinting website.  After completing the registration process, you may select a fingerprinting location and appointment time from the list provided on the IdentoGo site, or you may visit Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 and request an appointment at their office.  Times are Mondays and Wednesdays between 4:00pm - 7:00pm, and can often be scheduled much sooner than other locations.

 Act 34 - State Criminal Check  - When you access this site, scroll down to the  Credit Card Users section and click on "Submit a New Record Check."  This is the way to get your clearance without delay.  You must be connected to a printer when requesting this clearance.   When the screen allows you to access and open your actual record/certificate, please print this out and submit as your clearance.  You will not receive any further documentation from the state...this is your clearance.  

 Act 151 -   Child Abuse History Clearance Form  - If you have difficulty accessing this site, try using a different web browser.  Chrome has given some users difficulty, however, Internet Explorer and Firefox seem to work without trouble.  Although the site will state that it takes approximately two (2) weeks to receive your clearance, it is often uploaded to your account within a couple of days.  Periodically log into your account to check for you clearance.  You may print this document and provide to the Personnel Office.


Please consider submitting all of your clearance information on-line to speed up the process of obtaining them.  Paper submission takes more time and may delay employment consideration.

Originals ARE NOT automatically sent to the District.  You are responsible for submitting copies of clearances to the Personnel Office.

Act 168 - As of December 22, 2014, all school entities and/or independent contractors of a school entity (collectively referred to herein as “hiring entity”) must conduct an employment history review for any prospective employee prior to hiring, if the employee will be hired for a position where he/she will have direct contact with children.  Direct contact with children is defined as the “possibility of care, supervision, guidance, control or routine interaction with children.”

In addition to satisfying pre-existing employment requirements of the Public School Code and the Child Protective Services Law, the hiring entity must require an applicant under consideration for employment in a position where he/she will have direct contact with children to provide contact information for the following:

1.  Current employer (regardless of whether the current employer is a school entity or where the applicant is employed in a position that involves direct contact with children);
2.  All former employers that were school entities; and
3.  All former employers where the applicant was employed in a position that involved direct contact with children.

A separate form Act 168 Disclosure Form must be filled out for each current and former employer. The applicant must also consent to the current/former employer’s disclosure of any information regarding abuse and/or sexual misconduct.  An applicant for a position involving direct contact with children cannot be hired unless the applicant provides the required information.

I-9 Employment Eligibility - In order to be in compliance with the Department of Homeland Security, an I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form is required for all employees.  This must be completed upon hire.

TB Test – PPD/Mantoux, dated within the past three (3) months

  • Test result within twelve (12) months may be accepted if the physician provides a written statement that tests conducted too close together may result in a false positive, provides the date of the last TB test, and attests the individual is free from TB.